Backpack Wearing Instructions

How to properly load your pup:



Detailed Instructions:

1. Take your dog to a calm and quiet place with little distraction.
2. Unzip the bag, unbuckled all straps and fold back the vented back panel. Loosen the Shoulder Harness Adjustments to maximum lengths.
3. Lead your dog to sit or lay down on the backpack. The hind legs should be on the backpack, and the front legs should be on the floor/ground.
4. Connect the Safety Collar Clip to your dog’s collar.
5. Bring back the vented back panel. Buckle in each side of the Shoulder Harness over your dog’s shoulder.
6. Zip up the zippers. Feed the Sizing Strap on the top through the Safety Loop, and buckle in. Buckle in the remaining Sizing Straps.
7. Adjust the lengths of the Sizing Straps and the Sizing Cord such that the backpack wraps snugly around your dog’s body.
8. Adjust the length of the Shoulder Harness so that it wraps around your dog’s neck and shoulder securely just like a normal harness.
9. Check and confirm the Safety Collar Clip is fastened to your dog’s collar! This is the “seat belt” for your dog! Adjust the length as needed.
10. Slowly and steadily lift the backpack up and mount the backpack on your back. You may need a helper for this step. Fasten the hip belt and the sternum strap. Adjust the lengths of the shoulder straps.
11. Ride, hike, enjoy!